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ACC LLC is a Ukrainian food company.

It was founded in 2000 and for more than 20 years POMIDORA™ has been producing ketchups, sauces, and vegetable juices. It is one of the three leaders in the production of tomato paste and sauces in Ukraine.

Thanks to the pasteurization technology of finished products, tomato paste preserves the natural color of tomatoes without the use of dyes and antioxidants, and also ensures microbiological safety of products.

Technology and quality control of each jar are the main values of the company.

Bright taste in every spoon of POMIDORA™.

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+380 (564) 99 09 09

53070, Украина, Днепропетровская обл., Криворожский р-н, с. Широкое, ул. Молодежная, д. 1а

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