About the Company


The company, which presented the trade mark "POMIDORA" has been working since 2000 year.

  During its lifetime the company contributed significantly to the development of food industry in Ukraine. It shows stability in permanently increasing indices of production and sales volume of wide range of tomato paste and sauces in retail pack.

 High-quality raw materials and new technologies enable the company to offer the customers the high-quality product at reasonable prices.

The trade mark “POMIDORA” is not only a wide range of tomato paste and sauces, but it is also high quality product, reasonable price and unforgettable taste. Nowadays trade mark “POMIDORA” is one of the three leaders of the tomato paste and sauces manufacturers in Ukraine.

 High quality of such products as tomato paste, puree, sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise is a distinctive feature of the brand. It permits to satisfy wishes of consumers’ majority! 

 The products of the trade mark "POMIDORA" cannot be confused with any other products, thanks to the sun and dew, which make tomatoes fresh and ripe.

 The unique pasteurization technology of finished products ensures microbial safety of the products and save natural red colour of ripe tomato without using of dyestuffs and antioxidants. 

 The process of mild heat treatment of tomato paste, sauces and ketchups keeps a pigment lycopene (natural antioxidant of tomatoes) save, which makes beneficial effect on the human organism.

Technologists improve the taste of traditional sauces of the national cuisine, using vegetables and spices familiar to Ukrainians. Therefore, the taste of  TM "POMIDORA" products will be a highlight of a wide variety of your meals.

 We made our name on quality!