"Pomidora" TM

 "Pomidora" TM is a wide assortment of tomato paste and sauces, that are in great and stable demand. Product information:

Tomato sauces are used as a necessary adding to main dishes, such as pasta, porridge, meat dishes and fish dishes.

Sometimes tomato sauces are used as an alternative of tomato paste in borsch cooking.

Tomato paste is a derivate for cooking a big variety of meat dishes, fish and vegetable dishes. Tomato paste is also used as a filling for red-beet soups, stew, gravies, and other similar dishes. Tomato paste is also used in tomato juice making at home.

"Pomidora" TM presents to customers’ attention a wide assortment of sauces made from best selected vegetables, grown under warm sunbeams in Khersonskiy region with adding of natural spices. TM "Pomidora" sauces have reminiscent deep taste and high tomato concentration

Mayonnaise will make taste of salads, meat and fish dishes unforgettable and even improve everyday dishes.